Scarless Ear Cup Correction in Duesseldorf

For the correction of prominent ears Dr. Schumacher and Dr. Becker invented  a scar-free office procedure.

We offer scarless ear cup corrections as an office procedure. Treatment takes only one hour. We operate clinics in Duesseldorf, Hannover and Berlin.

At our location in Duesseldorf we offer our english patients our „Consultation on Friday and leave with corrected ears on Saturday“ service every weekend for 3000€!

When the stitch method of Dr. Schumacher and Dr. Becker is performed special threads  are woven through a the ear cartilage without leaving a scar. The procedure enables the surgeon to  reshape the ear. We’ve developed suture techniques that can be adapted individually to any anatomical conditions. For cartilage reshaping, we have developed the following suture techniques.

  • The 4 point vector suture
  • The 6 point  vector suture
  • The 8 point  vector suture

The Aesthetic Clinic Stitch Method  does not leave visible scars in contrast to the traditional methods. The patient can even  help to determine the postion of the ears in the operating room. Although there is visible swelling for approximately one week after the operation there is  no  inability to work. Neither Bandages nor Headbands an required Approx. 99% of patients with protruding ears can be treated with our method.

Of course or board certified plastic surgeons  master all other surgical techniques for correction of various ear malformations although we never need them.

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What sets the stitch method Dr. Schumacher and Dr. Becker of other surgical techniques?

In classic otoplasties ear cartilage is surgically exposed through cuts behind the ear to reshape the ear and bring it closer to the skull. As part of the treatment, a bandage is usually required for many weeks a headband to be worn overnight.

The Aesthetic Clinic Stitch Method differs in several ways from conventional surgery techniques:

  • There are no visible scars. The operation is performed without a scalpel.
  • The reshaping of the ear cartilage is achieved with a scarless suture techniques
  • The interweaving of the threads is minimally invasive with no visible cuts and without a scalpel
  • Exposure of the ear cartilage is not required
  • The patient can help to  determine the position of the ear during the operation.
  • No bandages or a headbands are  required
  • You can go to work after 1-2 days
  • The operation result is entirely natural in look and feel

Dr. Schumacher and Dr. Becker are currently the world’s only surgeons who have mastered this innovative surgical technique.

Steps of the Operation

  1. So called hydrodissection on the antihelical fold of the first ear
  2. Fine threads are woven through the cartilage of the ear in order to reshape and the antihelical fold in the desired position
  3. The stitches will be sunk completely in the ear cartilage and under the skin
  4. The patient is given a mirror the position of the ear to assess
  5. Once the surgeon and the patient have found an ideal position of the ear, the operation for the first ear is closed. Now, the second ear is adressed.